Monday, February 24, 2014

Oracle SOA, OSB , BPM Suite 12c  Whats New !!

Oracle SOA Suite 12c and Oracle BPM Suite 12c have been introduced, following are some of the  new key features which I have come across so far:
  • Adapters 
    • Adapters to connect from on-premise to in-the-cloud – specifically targeting SalesForce, RightNow and also providing an SDK to create custom integrations into the cloud (the first cloud adapters will be released on 11g, before the end of the year)
    • Adapter wizards are shared between SOA and Service Bus.
    • Introduction of a generic cloud adapter, which can be used to connect to different cloud providers, like Salesforce

  • Coherence Lookup
    • The Coherence adapter has a active and targeted to dedicated servers/clusters.
    • Coherence Adapter can perform four operations on items from a coherence server cache that are
      • Put, Get, Query , Remove.

  • Weblogic Enterprise Manager 12c
    • EM as a single monitoring console
    • Operation View in 12c EM which will allow you to set operational parameters across a select group of services. very help full new feature to control state, monitoring and enabling disabling SLA Alerts .etc

  • SOA Suite 12c provides the following REST Support: 
    • Support in SOA composite applications 
    • Enhanced REST support by introducing a new REST binding
    • Enables REST support in new or existing services.
    • Support from XML, JSON and URL -encoded GET/POST data.
    • Integrate with external API's.
    • Mobile enablement by exposing RESTful services that communicate using JSON as well as adding the capability to call out to such services (12c functionality)

  • Enterprise Scheduler Service
    • ESS is a scheduler that is part/subcomponent of 12c SOA Suite.
    • ESS has a EM component to manage Job requests, define metadata and schedule jobs, and API's to define metadata and schedule jobs.

  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)  Framework

  • J-Developer & User Interface's 
    • Introduction of templates (OSB pipelines, component templates, BPEL activities templates)
    • 12c sharing of common code between teams, departments .etc via SOA Starter Templates
      • SOA Starter Templates has 3 flavors
        • Project Template 
        • Component Template
        • Custom Activity Template.
    • OSB design-time integration into JDeveloper really a good work done by Oracle :)
    • Oracle Service Bus Components & Adapters provided in 12c J-Developer.

    • You can create your own Pallete with favorites. 

    • Application Navigator has been reorganized in 12c to make it easier to find all files related to SOA and also provide the option to customize the folder structure.
    • The SOA folder has a number of subfolders with default names, like XML schemas , wsdl files, transformation-related files and events.
    • Mavenized Jdeveloper Projects each project has a POM.xml 

    • BPEL Subprocess are in two flavors 
      • Standalone subprocess includes a no. of activities that will be re-used across a no. of BPEL processes.
      • Inline subprocess includes groups of activities that are re-used within just one BPEL process, you can use a inline subprocess
    • Difference between Application Navigator of 12c and 11g.
    • Enterprise modeling capabilities in BPM Composer
    • Enhanced analytics with BAM, which has been totally reengineered BAM Console.
    • Enhanced functionality on Exalogic (of course it runs faster on Exalogic, up to 20 times)
    • Modular runtime with a lighter footprint

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