Thursday, August 30, 2018

Get Social with Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud (AOIC) with LinkedIn Adapter !!

Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud  - LinkedIn Adapter Usecase.

Part 1 - LinkedIn Adapter to Get Profile Details  

Part 2 - LinkedIn Adapter to Share Posts Text and Images.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Oracle’s Process Cloud Services Use Case - Customer/Supplier Onboarding Process

Every Services Industry today, finds a need to on-board a Customer/Client/Supplier into their organization. But on-boarding a Customer along with maintaining a trustworthy alliance with them is a key to successful on-boarding completion. This is a difficult task if managed/processed manually, but not anymore when you have Oracle Cloud Solutions available.

Oracle’s PCS (Process Cloud Services) offers key features to help simplify this On-boarding process. With Business-driven rapid process design -automation, Powerful interactive dashboards, rich alerts, and guided troubleshooting, developing an entire process within days is achieved. 

  • Customer On-boarding process defines the procedures for requesting and creating the customer and supplier master files in order to maintain an accurate and reliable database.

Below are the roles and their responsibilities required for the on-boarding:

Submits request along with providing Credit Limit, Risk Rating for the Customer, Documents/proofs required for onboarding.
Credit Manager provides Financial Info & recommendation for new supplier customer.
BI provides professional track record, reputation, and network. He also assesses the different tangible assets of new customer supplier
Can accept or reject
Can accept or reject
Approval required only if the Credit Limit id above 1M$
Creates profile. Completes Onboarding process.
Process Flow

  • With PCS v2.0, Integration with DOCS (Document Cloud Services) provides the functionality of Content Store within PCS.
  • Easy document uploading, viewing and authorization for users to specific document folders is achieved using PCS v2.0 integration with DOCS.

UI Screenshots: The UI(Request forms) are created using Web Forms and JavaScript in PCS.


The UI(Request forms) are created using Web Forms and JavaScript in PCS. 

More use cases on PCS will soon follow. :)